Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Repaired

garage door repair frisco txYou use your garage door on a daily basis; several times a day, in fact. You open and close it to move your car in and out; it’s put up and down in order for your kids to get their bikes and toys out. All of that use leads to wear and tear, which can have a major impact on its function, and can also cause a serious safety issue.  At the first sign of trouble, you need to have the door repaired to avoid a serious problem. Here’s a look at some of the top signs that indicate you are in need of garage door repair in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas.

Squeaky. When you open your garage door, does it make really loud squeaky noises? While you may think that these sounds are normal, the fact is that they aren’t. Don’t write them off. They are an indication that there is something wrong with your garage door.

It Gets Stuck. Does your garage door get stuck when you open it or when you try to close it? If so, you need to have it looked at. A garage door should never get stuck when it is being opened or closed.

It Shimmies. When you open or close your garage door, does it shimmy and shake? This is a definite sign that there is a big problem, and that problem needs to be addressed before it gets worse.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or something else seems off with your garage door, you need to have the problem addressed as soon as possible. Visit for garage door repair in Frisco, TX, as well as Dallas, Plano, Denton, and surrounding areas.