Garage Door Maintenance for All Makes and Models

Did you know that in just one month, the average person’s garage door goes up and down more than a hundred times? The system that keeps it working properly has a lot of moving parts and needs continuous maintenance to ensure it keeps working properly. At Academy Door & Repair, we don’t just install and repair garage doors and their associated parts—we ensure you don’t need as many repairs over the long run. By offering our customers high-quality garage door maintenance and garage door repair in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas, we help people get more peace of mind about their safety and their home’s security.

Because all parts of a garage door system work together, once one part breaks, it’s only a matter of time until more break too. With our yearly tune-up service, you can make sure everything is in top shape. We provide garage door service in Frisco, TX as well as Little Elm, Aubrey, Plano, and surrounding areas, and we work with all makes and models of doors and openers and provide inspections and repairs on the following parts:

  • Springs and Cables
  • Hinges
  • Drums
  • Circuit Boards and Safety Sensors
  • Tracks and Panels
  • Wall Buttons, Remotes, and Keyless Entries

Yearly Tune-Up Service Keeps Everything Operating Smoothly

Do you need garage door service in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas? Trust our garage door inspection professionals to provide preventative services that not only save you time and money, but can also keep you safe. If a spring breaks while you are in the garage, for instance, it has enough force to cause serious injuries. However, with our garage door maintenance services, you can avoid such consequences. We provide a complete yearly tune-up on your garage, during which we do the following:

  • Tighten Loose Hardware
  • Replace Stripped Screws
  • Adjust Spring Tension
  • Adjust Tracks and Fixtures
  • Inspect All Parts for Wear
  • Adjusts Limits on Opener
  • Test on Opener for Safety
  • Lubricate Door and Opener

Garage Door Inspection and Diagnostic Services

If you suspect an issue in between your regular garage door maintenance service calls, we’re happy to conduct an inspection and run diagnostics to see what the problem is. We not only have the advanced equipment that lets us perform these tasks quickly, but also the experience and expertise that allow us to analyze the data and come up with the appropriate solutions.

Avoid costly repair bills by contacting us today for maintenance on your garage door system. We provide garage door repair in Frisco, TX and surrounding areas.